Friday, November 13, 2015

New Videos Release Schedule!

Hi guys!

Despite the almost 2 weeks additional delay, we are finally ready for new content to be released! We have shot 2 videos, in the midst of animating a third, and are arranging a couple things in the pipeline.

The release schedule is as follows:-

Yes, a video every two weeks! They are also all Raw Sessions. We will also announce more content around the New Year celebrations. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, a sneak peak into the content creation...

 Video shoot in progress...

 Cameramen shenanigans...

We are excited! See you soon on YouTube!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Coming soon!

Despite the silence, there are things cooking in the background. Hold up!

There will be an announcement 1st October. 31st October. (problems in the pipeline. Le sigh)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Raw Sessions

After a teaser last Christmas, we launched Raw Sessions, a new series of videos by us. The idea? To go back to the basics.

We've been noticing that lots of people, including ourselves, are harking back to older music content, or are nostalgic of days of old, where music, in it's imperfection, has FEEL and SOUL.

After searching through the reasons, we find this very simple reason: humans are not perfect. The music that we make, particularly live ones, are not perfect. There are little imperfections littered all over the track. That what makes old music sound soulful and musical - there is a human element to it.

Lots of covers on youtube, particularly acoustic ones, seek to regain this element via STRIPPING IT all DOWN. We instead seek to bring it to the next level...

Which is to strip all the inhuman elements altogether. We go backwards in time - we use modern equipment to record how we did it in the 70's and early 80's - no tempo correction, no pitch correction. Just take as many good takes as possible, then composite the best of all the takes into one clip, and that's your final output. In simple terms - do it RAW; do it LIVE.

And that is how we should appreciate music. It is the best way to appreciate music.

Sure, you get mistakes; missed notes, incorrect pitches, inconsistent tempos, glitches - but that is part of the experience. We sure are not perfect, but we will grow. We rely less on software tools to cover our imperfections, but rather improve via good old practice.

Back to basics - as the way to move forward. =)



This series is just a glimspe of the plans we have this year. After two years of gltiches and failed projects - we finally have settled the majority of our problems (skills and lack of proper equipment for one). And we will be moving forward.

Some of the projects that were delayed in the pipeline is in the process of being revived. We also have new projects currently in it's preproduction or planning stage. We actually are in the midst of shooting a cover and there will be a video late next week - but something out of the ordinary - we've been helping out in the floods that struck the eastcoast of Malaysia late last year, in collaboration with our friends at the car club Ace Of Spade.

We are currently working of a way around some issues in order to be able to release behind the scenes, to show you all the madness behind the scenes. That will take a while though...

All this to a eventful, and hopeful 2015. Glad you're with us!

Monday, April 7, 2014

News and moar news!

Hi guys!!!!

I trust that most of you have gotten impatient with the lack of updates.. So here is some... LOL.

Firstly, the past two videos and ideas that were not confirmed IS COMING... We just needed a bit more time to finalize some small setbacks and delays. Post production of two of those videos will commence in a week or two... while the others will enter pre-production.

Also, we were involved in some private projects, the work of which i cannot release, except in a forthcoming showreel for the channel. So sorry for keeping you folks outta the loop, and do look forward to the showreel of everything done thus far on this channel, coming soon! (once again, sorry but i cannot give a ETA, just yet)


Exciting announcement!

A couple of weeks ago, Tomato Productions, JM-Productionz (a group of friends who run a professional photography / film production house) collaborated with our coursemates from SAE Institute to make a team called Abbas Brothers (a team of 6, 2 of which are brothers) and entered a 48 hour film making competition organized by the New Zealand High Commission to Malaysia.

This competition is participated by 8 teams from 4 different colleges, where a couple of criterias were set, including these requirements:-

- 1-7 minutes long
- Character Nicki Ferarri
- Character trait bad-temperred
- a prop: Card

And then you are to write, shoot, complete and submit the gilm within 48 hours. Some 40 something hours later we submitted - and unexpectantly won 3rd place and best script!

Thus, we will be releasing the official public release of this film tonight, at midnight. =)

Get your horses ready!

Once again, thank you for your continuous support and encouragement. We will see you very soon!


Monday, August 19, 2013

Release dates and moar details!

Sorry for the delay in posting!!! Here are the updates:-

The music video, Please Come Back, will be re-released on the 26th of August. It will be released on itunes as well that very same day, if all goes well. also, there will be a exclusive surprise on the 31st of August. =)

A cover release date will be announced in the future (it's in the pipeline!). I take forever to edit. oops. LOL.

BUT, watch this!

Love Loss and Oli from Al Ibrahim on Vimeo.

(This video is not mine. All credits to Al Ibrahim for the awesome video!)

This is Calico Oli. A group of friends discovered this talented travelling musician performing at a bar in Penang. After a few meet ups, introductions and adventures, we ended up in the studio to record a full length all original solo album, all in just one night.
As such, Tomato Productions is proud to announce that we will be releasing an exclusive video from those sessions. Stay tuned as we'll be updating on the release date and more details come September.  =)

Excited? I am! Cheers and see you guys soon.

Timothy Lewis

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Vlog - Updates! (01 - 11/8/13)

My first attempt at vlogging. I suck at it.

I love Daft Punk!

Royalty free background music loops found here:

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My tweets:

PS: There are video snippets from the channel being played back. Can you spot where they're from?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Music Video debut!

Back with moar updates (and news)!

It is undeniable that music will be a centre point of this channel and blog, as I am first and foremost an audio guy. As such, earlier this year, I released a (rushed) music video which is a long-coming debut project by a dear friend Aaron Anand Lee. Since, it has enjoyed over 3.5k views. =)

So to those who hasn't watched it yet, here it is...

Oh, and to those who have, we are remixing this in the near future, releasing it on iTunes and potentially other mediums AS WELL as producing a Behind The Scenes (BTS) of this video. Stay tuned!


Other than the BTS of the music video and an unschedule rerelease of the music + video, we have a few other things slated: a short video, a music cover, amongst other items. We will be keeping you updated here among other items and would love suggestions. Stay tuned!

Founder and admin

Monday, May 6, 2013

Content and plans!

Sorry for the much delayed most but.... -drumroll- this is it!

Studies is almost over, so we shall be embarking on a insane content producing once that is over. Planning's underway for more than one project, so you should be able to see content releasing very much soon.

In the meantime, there is too much words on this blog, no?

As this is the official blog of the youtube channel of the same name, this is the video of the inofficial debut of that channel released about a year ago. A short film made by me and my coursemates (and friends!) on the chilling after effects of child abuse. Enjoy!

More content (and news!) coming up shortly. Wuuzaah!

Founder and admin

Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Productions

Hello guys!!!!!

For those who were wondering what happened to the original Tomato Productions, it has been moved to . I know. Lame name. I took the first name that came to mind. Reason as follows (partial quote from my personal blog):-

tomatoproductions.blogspot will now be a blog that is dedicated to my youtube channel of which I will cover below.

The personal blog, during the course of this month, will be revived, and revamped. Tomato Productions will be given a new look and direction, and posts starting from scratch, reason being: I've really gotten into the art of producing works of art, especially in video form, and fell head over heels in love with it.

Also, the idea of Tomato Productions from the start has always been about me and the people i have contact with in the course of my limited lifespan. So essentially, it's about people and what we do.

My rants, my opinions, and my works all involve people as we are all social creatures. But i guess, the bigger picture and the struggle to reach and see it in all this is why I named it a production. Because, ultimately, we all, including me, will have a curtain call. And we always leave something behind for people around us, during and after the fact of us existing.

Of course, the name Tomato is only my nickname. So it means my production. my life. my, all. And this youtube channel is and extention of the fact. I wanna reach a wider audience with what I and my friends have to say: Ideas, Cries, Rants. All in an artistic form. Nothing to do with the money, although a little bit of commercial success would be a huge encouragement that what we do reaches somebody.

Of course, the more personal stuff, and non-artistic ones are reason why we have personal privacy settings on social networks and stuff. Which is why I am still deciding on the public-ness in terms of settings in the personal blog and it's name. And why i would have 2 blogs.

Tomato Productions, the blog will be focussing on my more public life, with works of art on the channel, news, sharing of stuff that interests me, work, college at the moment, and maybe, just maybe, the revival of my failed attempt at reviewing products.


I will need sometime to get this off though. But it should be fun. See you guys soon!